A Synopsis of Linkages Consulting


LINKAGES Consulting Ltd is a private social enterprise company registered in Uganda with the registrar of companies. We work with companies and organisation to help them deliver on their Corporate Social Responsibility while addressing social problems within communities they operate their business. At Linkages, we believe that new and existing ideas become even better through partnerships, collaboration, transparent feedback and interaction.


Through research, documentation and active engagements with our client and their stakeholders, we formulate projects tailored to address the needs of both companies and their stakeholders. We manage community engagements and implementation, conduct skills training, monitor and assess the impact of our work in order to give our clients a competitive edge in their business.

Our chief goal is to expand the corporate world by securing potential future clients while empowering communities by tapping into the imaginative and creative mind of the poor and marginalized in society. This translates into a win-win situation for both Companies/organisations and communities.


Our approach of bridging the gap between the corporate world and local communities is what sets us apart.


Our Objectives


• To establish strategic partnerships to foster a unified culture between corporate companies, organisations and their stakeholders.

• To help companies and organisations achieve their social missions through shared values.

• To empower communities especially those that are emerging from conflicts to rebuild their livelihoods while creating sustainable incomes and food security.

• To create an enabling environment conducive for creative and innovative thinking that constantly searches for solutions to challenge the status quo.


Some of Our Team

Atuhaire Penny

Founder and CEO

Penny is the founder and CEO of our organization. She loves ...

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Hillary Mutegeki


True Empowerment is the desire to be useful to others with n...

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Addah has a wide experience in financial management and admi...

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