Our Approach


LINKAGES Consulting Ltd is an impact driven social enterprise company committed to provide technical expertise to private companies and organisations. We enable you to effectively and efficiently deliver on your Corporate Social Responsibility while balancing profit making and social impact activities to create economic value for both the companies and communities.

Our aim is to establish social connections to empower communities in a way that enables them to determine their own long-term destines. Through this, we focus on fostering meaningful external engagements which help us build company’s and organization’s reputation for successful businesses and engagements.

Our business model has largely been inspired by the notion that understanding socially responsive initiatives while working with companies and organizations to performance with purpose is truly a win-win situation for all involved. It creates shared value for companies and organisations and ultimately stronger communities. This is our commitment and we are here to achieve this.

At Linkages, we are not reinventing the wheel. What guides our thinking and passion to do what we do is the compassion of seeing people less privileged and more vulnerable than ourselves being able to tap into their imaginative and creative mind so they too, can take charge of their own lives and determine their own destinies.

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