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For all I can remember while growing up is that, I always loved empowering people especially those I considered less privileged than myself. Be it at home where I grew up in a family of nine siblings (5 girls and 4 boys), or through my professional work as a social worker and human rights activist or even, as a Rotarian in my local club.

 Each time I helped someone to become better than they were before, I always felt happy and fulfilled well knowing that I did a right thing. As I continue to acquire more knowledge, skills while gaining deeper understanding of how things work, I see myself doing more of the same, over and over again!


Throughout my career of close to a decade, I have over time noticed that, as the gap between policy and practice keeps widening each day, people who are at the bottom of the development ladder tend to bear the greatest burden of everything that goes in our system. They lack the most basics of life such as food, safe drinking water, education, healthcare and ultimately, the idea of obtaining a meaningful household income to support their families remains a ‘thing’ they only can dream about.


Much as I’m aware that government bears the primary responsibility to provide these services, and has for a long time been supported by the NGO sector to do this, we know that they cannot do it alone. They need more hands. Today, the corporate sector has more power to change the world than ever before. There has never been a better time in history for corporate companies to get involved in solving social problems through business approaches than this era of innovation we are in. As Linkages Consulting, we getting on the big stage with unique and creative approaches that are able to create economic value for both companies and communities. The future is exciting!


And because of this, I’m now convinced than ever before that creative thinking and constant innovation that dares to challenge the status quo, is where our greatest strength(s) as a people lies, if we truly want to influence attitudes and change lives through our shared values.

Penny Mbabazi Atuhaire

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