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Our passion is to empower local communities and ensure that people who are the most vulnerable and marginalized in society are able to access the most basic necessities of life while helping them acquire knowledge and skills to create household incomes to improve their lives. We do this by establishing social connections between companies and local communities to foster meaningful external engagements to build reputation for successful business engagements of our clients.

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Our Mission

We help companies and organisations connect their businesses and missions to the needs and challenges of communities while finding creative solutions of addressing them through their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Vison

Is to create a culture in communities where every single person is empowered to take charge of their own destiny

What we can do for you

Research and Advocacy

We take time to study and understand our clients' line of business through the lenses of community's needs and challenges. We then engage with communities to conduct baseline studies which later informs our project formulation, implementation and advocacy strategies.

Project identification and implementation

We identify and design community led projects based on the needs of both our clients and the communities we serve to create a win-win situation.

Capacity building and Training

We identify and train community leaders by equipping them with knowledge and skills to create mind set change on how to tackle extreme poverty and chronic injustices within their communities.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We maintain close contacts with our projects to mainly monitor, document and assess the impact created while identifying gaps to inform future projects.

Project Management

We effectively and efficiently manage the implementation of projects by giving our clients a competitive edge in the market place. Social impact defines our style of project management.

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